TSM- Model Series for Integration

From small to very big Engraving and Milling machines. Our TSM-machine series for integration can be also implemented in your automatic manufacturing process. We rely on the highest quality.

Special Settings

  • Movement path: all axes (X,Y,Z) in 50mm grid, individual according to your requirement.
  • The Z axis can pneumatic with step motor or be controlled manually.
  • Rotation and linear axes can be combined as desired
  • Due to the cross-slide construction, the Y-axis serves as a delivery and labeling axis
  • The marking unit does not have to be additionally mounted on a feed carriage
  • Electromagnetic scribe and needle embossing head can be switched by software
  • CNC control unit NR 4001 up to a maximum of 4 axes
  • Short or long needle guide
  • Operating system Windows
  • Labeling software WinCamPro


  • Controlled Z axis
  • Pneumatic Z-axis
  • Underframe with hydraulic height adjustment
  • CNC turning axis
  • Extended needle guide
  • Customer and workpiece specific equipment
  • Needle breakage control
  • Electrical workpiece surface detection
  • Nameplates machines
  • Data Matrix reading systems
  • Special design solutions (automatic parts infeed and outfeed, clamping devices

Technical Data: TSM-model range for Integration

Marking range X-axis: 50 to 800 mm
Y-axis: 50 to 400 mm
Z-axis: 50 to 400 mm
Special sizes on customer request
Underframe with hydraulic height adjustment (optional) 150 mm / 300 mm
Speed (rapid traverse) max. 120 mm / s
Resolution 0.005 mm
Further data, eg for a 3-axis configuration TSM15-5-5I (X150 Y50 Z50 mm)
Weight approx. 20 kg
Dimensions (including protective hoses) approx. 370 x 500 x 400 mm
Electrical connection 230 V, 50 Hz / 800 VA
Compressed air at pneumatic Z-axis 4-6 bar
Software WinCamPro included