Lasermarking Systems

 Nill + Ritz is one of the leading providers with renowned customers in the field of marking laser technology. In contrast to many market companions, we have a self-developed marking laser and are therefore able to implement customer requirements individually. Due to the self-developed labeling laser, we are able to better serve and project your application in the field of marking technology. Our 25 years of experience in the field of marking systems make us a highly valued contact.

Demonstration Videos

Laser Products and Modules

Nill + Ritz laser systems can be integrated into automatic, semi-automatic or complex production lines. Of course, they are also available as labeling stations. Out of conviction, we develop and produce in Germany. Our systems guarantee quality and meet the requirements of the most demanding customers from the automotive, medicine and aerospace industries in terms of accuracy, life service and efficiency.

Special Machines

Configuration - Development - Implementation.
Nill + Ritz is an experienced partner for complete laser marking systems.


Labeling laser for integration

Nill + Ritz is one of the world's leading suppliers of laser marking technology, offering integration modules with self-developed marking lasers.


Marking Lasersystems

Nill + Ritz is one of the world's leading specialist suppliers of laser marking systems with plant engineering expertise and self-developed lasertechnology.


Type Plate Laser Machines

Marking of type plates by laser inscription. We plan your type plate laser marking machine, fully or semi-automatic, with different plate sizes.


Laser Marking Machine FALCON

All-in-one Kompakte Laserstation.


Advantage in laser marking

With Nill + Ritz, manufacturing companies worldwide can gain a head start in laser marking. Our lasers are self-developed and have not been purchased. They have been specially developed for their use as marking lasers and combine innovative technology with simple scalability and usability. Our development department guarantees constant progress and ensures economical as well as functional solutions. These help you to save money.