Crown Wheel

Every day, more than 9,000 wheelsets are produced for their vehicles in the various factories of the leading truck manufacturers in Germany.

Commercial vehicles always rely on a rear axle. The installed bevel gear sets must transmit power in the range of 550 kW - with extremely high torques. Accordingly high are the claims in the assembly of Hinterachsgetriebe.

The production and quality assurance of drive bevel gear and crown gear takes place in relatively long process chains. After delivery of the blanks, the manufacturing process begins with turning and gear cutting. Subsequently, the workpieces are hardened.

This is followed by hard turning and tooth flank grinding of the bevel gear teeth. By using the Nill + Ritz dot-peening in the automated manufacturing processes, a considerable improvement in quality assurance in the area of ​​subsequent assembly of the wheelsets has been achieved. Thus, specific data is stamped on the paired crown wheels and bevel gears, so that the correct setting can be made in the later assembly process.