Dot-peening and scribing in one System

Nill+Ritz offers dot-peening and scribing machines in one system. This adjustment  successfully operates with no mechanical conversion through the software. Separate Engraving and Milling machines are also certainly available. The elaborate modular system and the modular construction allow each machine to be very unique. Whether Stand-Alone-Table equipments, semi automatic Solutions or complete systems that are incorporated into full automated production lines.    This ensures more efficiency.

Application Videos

Dot-peening and scribing machines

 The core of our dot-peening and scribing machine portfolio composes from the TSM-product series modules, which are extremely scalable. The engraving area can be adjusted according to your needs in a 50mm grid (X axis from 50 to 1000 mm, Y- and Z-axis from 50 to 400 mm). To ensure that your TSM machine fits seamlessly into your environment, we also supply the TSM series in three different versions: with underframe, without underframe (for integration) and as TSM nameplate machine.

TSM-Series for Integration

From small to big integration modules. TSM-Engraving and Milling machines for integration can be also seamlessly integrated into your project.

TSM-Series Customized Machines

Custom-made solutions for your company. We develop together with our customers a concept suited to their requirements.


Type plate machines

CNC nameplate labeling machine with exchangeable magazines. This makes it possible to realize different sign sizes.

Type plate labeling machines-model series with underframe

From very small to big table machines. We surely have the right model for you. Specialized machines are also part of our portfolio.


Finest dot-peening and scribing machines

Engraving or milling machines? The Nill+Ritz machines can do both. With our engraving technique the material is spot-drilled with a hard metal needle. The engraving or labelling is composed of several individual points, whether it is letters, numbers or complex drawings like logos and data matrix codes. With our milling technique the material is engraved with a diamond or a hard metal needle with which  lines are imprinted or scribed. Advantage: the engraving result is seamless and with a higher quality compared to the engraving method. Whichever machine you decide, with Nill+Ritz you are guaranteed to get a very efficient solution. The machines can be designed to have one of the systems or both without retrofitting! So you can always use the best technique.